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Functional Fashion for the Lucky Few


Snoot was founded by Peter Blom, co-founder of Peak Performance, in order to combine the strict requirements for functionality and durability of the sportswear industry with the attention to detail and design consciousness of the fashion world. Leisure garments that are beautifully designed, with a modern fit, combined with a high level of functionality – e.g. durability, waterproof/breathable and ergonomic.

Snoot has brought together a team of specialists, designers, tailors, buyers etc who all have extensive experience and proven professionalism. Some are experienced on the fashion side, others from sports clothing. What they all have in common is a passionate commitment to achieving quality and sustainability, and creating clothing that both they and the wearers can be proud of. Stunning technical fabrics and materials with the right design, tailoring and manufacturing is the recipe that enables us to attain our goal.


Snoot is not a mass production company. We prefer to make fewer products, but try to make them a little better. Although they may cost a bit to buy, we hope that in the long run it will prove to be one of your best buys. We presented our first collection in the autumn of 2009 – three exclusive jackets in 100 numbered articles each.

Now we have Snoot’s spring/summer collection 2013.

Buyers go to www.snoot.se, to our showroom on Artillerigatan in Östermalm, Stockholm and also to our retailers, which you will find in the menu on the left of this page under the ‘retailers’ button.


Your Good Leisure Jacket Should Be As Good As Your Sports Jacket, Shouldn’t It?

In recent decades, development of technical materials and design solutions has taken great strides forward, giving us superb sports clothing which is waterproof, breathable, warm, ventilated and at the same time lightweight and flexible. Over the same period, however, developments in this kind of functionality have not progressed nearly as rapidly in ordinary everyday clothing and leisurewear. But why shouldn’t the jacket you use most often be able to withstand a storm, or vent out moisture from the inside if you move a lot? With our knowledge of the latest materials, fabrics and techniques it is possible to have the same level of functionality as the best ski jacket or sailing gear – without the need for it to look like pure sportswear.

Functionality of a sports garment, with the appearance of leisurewear. We have one of the main cornerstones of Snoot right there. Just take a look at the jackets here.


The Inside Story

A garment is very much the sum of its details. We therefore use the best fabrics, padding, accessories, like zips, buttons, belts etc that we can find. We also try, to the furthest possible extent, to use the most environmentally friendly options in terms of fabrics, padding and accessories. Now 60-80% of all our fabrics and accessories are either eco-certified or made from recycled materials. Not simply because it feels better to do so, but also because we believe that in many cases the quality is better.