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Exclusive fabrics make durable, attractive, environmentally friendly clothes

Attractive design and caring for the environment? Synthetics or natural fabrics? What’s right and what’s wrong? Sometimes not even scientists agree on what is best for Nature. The one thing we can be completely sure about is that using less of our resources is better than using more. Long-term is better than throwaway.

Part of Snoot’s fundamental philosophy is that clothing should be used in many different contexts and that it should be designed to be so timeless and durable that you shouldn’t have to buy too many different clothes, or buy new ones too often.

An article of clothing is defined primarily by its detail. We therefore use the best accessories we can find, such as zips, buttons, strapping etc. It doesn’t matter how good the fabric we choose is if the zip breaks.

We are trying, to the limits of possibility, to use the most environmentally friendly alternatives when it comes to fabric, padding and accessories. Not simply because it feels better, but because we believe that in many cases the quality is better.