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lavalan® exquisit 

Precious fiber wadding – fully functional and easy care for your collections? 
Your requirements become lavalan®! 

Our high-performance wool wadding fulfills the highest requirements: 

lavalan® exquisit succeeds in matching easy-care with the unparalleled performance of nature’s finest fibers. Garments utilizing lavalan® exquisit’s unbeatable climate management and breathability leverage its wearer’s well-being and assure a perfect appearance. 


The right choice of apparel is essential for leading a healthy, active and responsible life. Thus, today’s trendsetters demand ultimate technical performance and wearing comfort – and peace of mind when it comes to their ecological footprint. Second best won’t do! 


We start by sourcing nature’s finest natural fibers – cashmere, camel, yak – regionally trace- able all from free range farming. Take our manufacturing know-how of more than a century, add a hint of the latest in biopolymeric development and you get the best match of past and present. 


Apparel with lavalan® exquisit wadding offers ultimate comfort, the lightness and softness of natures finest fibers and machine washability. Plus, it qualifies as an ecologically correct product modern customers are looking for.