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YKK stands for Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikikaisha – probably the most famous global producer of zips, snaps & buttons. In 1997 they established a Fastening Global Quality Management Committee. This committee studies the latest laws and regulations from around the globe and tests, monitors and regulates the quality level of the products. Wherever you buy genuine YKK products in the world YKK guarantees they will be tried and tested to the same quality standards. YKK adheres to ISO 9000 standards.

SNOOT uses two types of YKK zippers;

YKK Excella® - a high end luxury quality metal zipper with polished symmetrical teeth. This allows the zipper to move in either direction. Our Excella zippers are of course two-way to allow a maximum of body movement.

YKK Natulon®  - environmentally friendly zippers made from recycled material.