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Featured Product

This summer we launched Fiere Shirt. It’s a new take on our classic Fiere Polo. The same modern fit and comfortable material, but Fiere Shirt protrays a more dressed-up look with a full buttoned up style. A new classic, for when you want to show off a more professional side but not sacrifice comfort. Fiere Shirt is treated with a light enzyme wash which makes for an extremly soft touch. An Essential piece these hot summer days during any occasion.


Mr. Mathias Bergh

When Mathias Bergh was 19 years old, he was discovered by a model scout who introduced the teenager to a French model agency called Ford Models.

“I didn’t know anything about the fashion industry before this, but after some thought, I went to Paris in connection with men’s fashion week,” he says. “After running around various castings in Paris for two days, my agent called me and told me that Gucci had heard about me and wanted to meet up. It’s a brand that even a football guy like me knew about, so I was very excited to meet up.” A few hours later Mathias flew from Paris to Florence, Italy, where Gucci’s headquarters are located.

“I remember the driver asking me if we were going to the headquarters. That’s when I began to feel a little nervous. What did Gucci want me to do? If you think about it, at the time I had only done one job as a model. I also remember thinking that I knew more about my favorite football team than about how to pose in front of a camera.”

Sitting in a room in the head office in Florence, Mathias is greeted by two older women with authority. One of the two women were Frida Giannani – Gucci’s Creative Director between 2006-2014 (Frida replaced Tom Ford). “Frida liked me. In the three-four years that went after that first meeting, she booked me for every shoot they had: Fashion shows, lookbooks, promotions, fittings, store openings, you name it.”

As a junior model who just entered the industry, to get booked by and being able to add Gucci to your portfolio is a massive push to further aid a lucrative career in an industry where companies love models that are seen everywhere. “I became some kind of supermodel. Assignments for Tom Ford, Prada, Burberry, and H&M were just a few of the things I dedicated my time to. I was ranked as the 5th most successful male model in the world at the time. “I mean, it’s very honorable and I had a lot of fun,” Mathias says smiling.

He acknowledges that the model industry can be an unpleasant place, but that he never saw that side. “I didn’t go through what many views as the proper channel to get these big jobs, I sort of just got all of the big assignments early on in my career. I can’t say that I saw any of the dark sides of what this industry has to offer. Although I know about body ideals and all the injustice that’s lingering and hoovering over models in general, and of course it’s very lonely to travel constantly. You live by yourself most of the time and you don’t have any routines.”

After having worked in the industry for 10 years, full time, Mathias felt that it was time for something new. Having been intimate with the industry and having seen how bookings are done with models and creators (photographers, stylists etc), Mathias saw that everything’s done in an old fashioned way.

“It hadn’t [the modeling industry] developed digitally like other industries. It made me want to change that. So I met up with style icon and entrepreneur Emilia de Poret, and we decided to build a digital booking service.”

Mathias and Emelia’s booking service enable customers to be able to book models and creators directly on the platform, which makes every project more time and cost-effective. With our service, we want to give back power to those who deserve it, namely customers and models/creators. Of course, physical contact will always be needed, and we’re aware of that, but digitalizing parts of the production will be a simpler way to book than if you go through the traditional way.

Our Favorite since 2019

The summer of 2019 we launched our timeless Fiere Polo that comes in five different colours and in two models with different materials. Our Fiere model is smoother and with a modern take compared to a more classic polo. A comportable extremely soft essential garment to wear during a sunday brunch or casual afternoons, basking in the sun, sipping on a cocktail. Easily matched with jackets in our collection, the Polo is an essential in any modern man’s wardrobe.


Brands We Love

The Bespoke Dudes is a company founded by Italian menswear consultant Fabio Attanasio. Growing up in Naples, it’s not surprising that Attanasio ended up with such a passion for menswear.

The brand and its pieces are handcrafted in Italy by Cadore-based artisans, who are all hand-picked by Attanasio. The frames consist of acetate made by leading Varese-based plastic manufacturer Mazzucchelli 1849, while the hinges of each set of specs feature four screws – rather than the standard two – to guarantee durability.

The lens shape and design fall in line with seasonal trends; this year with round frames, tapered temples and tortoiseshell designs having all been spotted on the runways.

Currently, the Bespoke Dudes Eyewear offers two distinct styles: Cran and Pleat. The first is characterized by a simple, clean design and takes its name from the space between the collar and the lapel of a jacket. These models are unisex and handmade in Italy. These glasses are made available in three finishes, including honey, transparent, and tortoiseshell.

Attanasio has made it clear that he is not a designer, but rather a taste-blender with know-how. Before settling on the perfect shapes, he made three prototypes before each collection. The brand’s choice of lens shape and design falls perfectly in line with seasonal trends; round frames, tapered temples and tortoiseshell designs. These have all been spotted on the runways.

Snoot is happy to be selling The Bespoke Dudes Eyewear at our store, Artillerigatan 25 in Stockholm, Sweden. We’ve handpicked what we believe to be some of the best models and colours. Make sure to ask for them if you swing by our showroom.