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Design for the long term

It’s not necessary to reinvent the wheel. It’s enough to improve it.

An inventory of most people’s wardrobes will probably show that there is a lot of clothing in there that is just gathering dust. But there are also a number of favourites in a lot more regular use than most of the rest. We would dare to say that remarkably often these garments are either old classics, or newer clothes based on classic styles.

A lot of our favourites, for example the parka with big outer pockets - or the down or synthetically filled quilted jacket - derives originally from army or working clothes with tried and tested functionality. In the 1960s this modern quilt jacket was created based on the design and construction of the winter down jackets used by the Russian army in World War II. Many other classics such as jeans, chinos, the bomber jacket, trench coats etc were developed for their functionality. The most successful examples are where function and beauty go hand in hand.

SNOOT’s idea is to start out from beautiful, well-tested and functional models and update them with today’s – and tomorrow’s – best materials and techniques, so they will be the classics of the future, and your long-time favourites.