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Our Fabrics

It is a challenge to find the best materials for the garments that we make. It needs to be the correct function, feeling, and handle – as well as a high level of quality and sustainability. Creating garments that are versatile and long-lasting both in quality and style. The producers and partners that we choose to work with are selected with great care and in many cases, they’re well known for their high quality of products and services.






Functionl Elegance

Our items are born out of the crossover between comfort and sleek design. The pieces that we make are built as outerwear, with our jackets being waterproof, durable and designed for movement. On top of this, we create a functional layer which rests in high-function features such as hidden vents, specialized pockets, and taped seams. We’re obsessed with utility and functional elegance.

We produce our items for the modern traveler. Be it in the city or the mountains, our pieces will keep you dry of water and winter precipitation and stay breathable during activity.