It’s a challenge to find the best materials for the garments we produce. They must have the right functionality, feel, and handling – as well as a high level of quality and durability. Creating garments that are versatile and durable both in quality and style. Producers and partners that we choose to work with are selected with great care, and in many cases, they are well-known for their high quality of products and services

Functional elegance

Our items emerge from the intersection of comfort and elegant design. The garments we manufacture are constructed as outerwear, where our jackets are waterproof, durable, and designed for mobility. To achieve this, we create a functional layer that incorporates concealed vents, special pockets, and taped seams. We are obsessed with usability and functional elegance.

We produce our items for the modern traveler. Whether in the city or the mountains, our garments will keep you dry from water and wind while allowing breathability during physical activities.

Snoot – SE

Funktionell Elegans

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