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Snoot stands for innovation, quality, and functionality. Snoot has always challenged itself to protect the uniqueness of the brand while always evolving. Since the company’s founding in 2009, Snoot’s vision was to combine the strict requirements for functionality and durability of the sportswear industry with the attention to detail and design consciousness of the fashion industry. This vision resulted in garments that are beautifully designed, with a modern fit combined with a high level of functionality.

Winter 2018 a process of repositioning of the Brand was initiated. Snoot products take on an ever more distinctive and exclusive style. The company has pursued a clear and simple philosophy: to create unique products of the highest quality, “timeless”, versatile and innovative.

Sports, comfort, quality, and consistency have always been the distinctive features of the Snoot brand that over the years has been able to evolve while remaining consistent with its heritage, in a continuous search for a constant dialogue with its many consumers in the world. We strive to reinterpret the Snoot brand often, staying consistent with its history and its DNA, adopting a new way of doing business.